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SoWa 2017

SoWa today defines why people are gravitating back to American cities, both for the places where they want to live and where they want to report for work. If you’re in the city, it’s because you want to be steps away from Gaslight Brasserie du Coin at 560 Harrison Avenue and the brand-new Cinquecento – Roman Trattoria at 500 Harrison Avenue.  It’s because you want brand-new to the scene art galleries like Adelson Galleries at 520 Harrison Avenue, where a three-generations family tradition from Newbury Street and New York has just arrived to celebrate this city’s new creative hub. It’s because you want to collaborate with  Connelly Partners, MMB, Genuine Interactive, Brand Content and a host of other marketing and advertising firms that call SoWa home. It’s because you can understand why Shawmut Design & Construction, Machado and Silvetti Architects and Mohr & McPherson value this central location, urban edge and vibrant pulse.

We’d be pleased to show you why SoWa is the destination.

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The SoWa Story

GTI Properties has created a vibrant commercial office and retail center in SoWa, an emerging neighborhood in Boston’s South End. In doing so, we have breathed new life into the 19th century mill buildings which stretch the length of Harrison Avenue. This area, which gets its name from its location south of Washington Street, is equal parts contemporary arts scene and cutting-edge commercial office space. GTI Property Management has also brought in a growing residential community, which has attracted young professionals and families who are drawn to the unique character of the converted residential loft buildings in the area. For years SoWa was known for artists’ lofts, but today it’s just as much about the businesses that have gravitated here looking for a creative energy that the traditional business districts nearby were lacking. Architects, web designers, PR and marketing agencies and tech-savvy start-ups have flocked here, with residential condominium developments following closely on their heels, to soak up a one-of-a-kind approach to city living.

Commercial Properties

  • 450 Harrison Avenue

    With a two-year waiting list for artists’ studios, 450 Harrison Avenue is home to the SoWa Artists Guild and the center of the district’s bustling First Fridays arts scene.   Long a center for the City’s counter-establishment new art galleries, 450 Harrison Avenue and Thayer Street are known far and wide today as the destination must-see for late-breaking rhythms in art of all kinds.   Whether it’s in one of the forty-something galleries downstairs or in the three floors of studios above, there’s plenty of art on view year-round at 450 Harrison Avenue.

  • 460 Harrison Avenue

    460 Harrison Avenue houses many of the 40-odd stores and galleries that line the sides of Thayer Street in SoWa.  Anchored by the City’s largest concentration of contemporary art galleries, Thayer Street mixes in various other creative uses in its working galleries …  including hand letterpress, beadwork, high-end TShirt design, vintage clothing, East Asian imported furnishings …. and hats, hats, hats!  Anchored by Mohr & McPherson‘s furnishings store, rug gallery and warehouse showroom, 460 Harrison also boasts cutting edge home custom finishes at Casa Design and premier design artistry at Peng.

  • 490 Harrison Avenue

    The City’s only gallery dedicated exclusively and full-time to the display of SCULPTURE holds down the pavement at 490 Harrison Avenue here in SoWa.  The Boston Sculptors Gallery hosts new shows every thirty days by two from among its stable of cooperative sculptors.  Visit their website for a one-of-a-kind sampling of the most important 3-D work going on in this city today.

  • 500 Harrison Avenue

    One of SoWa’s larger commercial properties, 500 Harrison Avenue was completely gut-rehab’d in 2000 and features both contemporary art in its two-story glass lobby and 19th Century industrial chic outdoors with the area’s largest factory fly wheel preserved and mounted on a pedestal in the building courtyard.  Marketing and PR firms, web designers and commercial photographers make their home here, accompanied by Ars Libri, the renowned rare arts books dealer ….. and … the brand-new Cinquecento – Roman Tratorria restaurant in 6,000 square feet at street level.

  • 530 Harrison Avenue

    A little gem, 530 Harrison Avenue is headquarters to GTI Properties on the street level and to industrial designers, magazine publishers and architectural glass consultants on the upper floors.  Nineteenth Century bones are celebrated in the distinctive architectural elements preserved throughout the structure and smaller tenancies averaging 3,500 sq ft can get big-building eclat in this special address.

    GTI Properties is proud to host a constantly changing exhibit of local SoWa art work in its retail storefront windows facing Harrison Avenue.

  • 540 Harrison Avenue

    The Power Station!   Everyone in Boston is familiar with this iconic masterpiece of late-industrial glamor.  Built in 1896 as the world’s largest electric power generation plant, it housed twelve coal-fired boilers on two levels and produced enough electricity to run the street cars owned by the West End Street Railway Company.   Allowed to moulder for decades, the property’s structural elements have recently been rescued and restored and the property is poised for whatever the 21st Century throws its way.

  • 560 Harrison Avenue

    560 Harrison Avenue is a 200,000 sq ft commercial building where Boston Sports Clubs anchors six stories of professional office suites.  Shawmut Design and Construction makes this address their in-town base of operations, as does Charter Environmental, and world-renowned Machado & Silvetti Architects are also headquartered here.  The Greenlight Cafe, powered by the Gaslight Brasserie du Coin kitchen, offers breakfast and lunch each day in the three-story atrium lobby.   The Gaslight Brasserie restaurant, on the first floor and patio, has a well-established reputation for the best steak frites, fruits de mer and French onion soup in town … delivered with Parisian flair and a neighborhood pricepoint.

  • 580 Harrison Avenue

    580 Harrison Avenue, a 100,000 sq ft commercial office building,  is home to large media and marketing firms with spacious, open-plan offices.  The heavy timber brick-and-beam envelope gives a mill building vibe to 21st century working environments.


  • 38 Wareham Street

    38 Wareham Street is a 36,000 sq ft Commercial Office Building with three floors of 12,000 sq ft floor plates.  Home to service organizations, web publishers and movie production offices, the building also has two retail spaces at street level:  Foliaire, a landscape design and maintenance company of long standing in the South End and Shepherd Print Studio, the brand-new working print shop where individual artists can use state-of-the-art equipment to produce their work.

  • 46 Waltham Street

    Located at the busy corner of Washington Street and Waltham Street, 46 Waltham Street is home to 80,000 sq ft of artists’ studios, commercial offices, a Citizens Bank branch and the elegant Union Bar & Grill restaurant.   Originally built as a factory for the Vose Piano Company, the structure is actually three buildings fused into one address and retains fascinating details from the Industrial Revolution, including ceiling-mounted steel fly-wheels for turning lathes and wax-melt sliding metal fire doors.  Needless to say, these are lovingly preserved artifacts in a building fully renovated and adapted to today’s uses and safety standards. 

    Major tenants in the building include Connelly Partners, DiBona Bornstein & Random, Sea-Dar Construction, Grassi Design Group, and over 90 artists’ studios featuring some of the South End’s finest one-of-a-kind creative spirits.